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Amanita Design, the Czech studio known for its detailed hand-drawn art style and bizarre puzzle adventures, has just released a new game on the App Store: CHUCHEL.

Like the beautiful slow-burn Samorost (read our review) and charmingly clever Machinarium before it, CHUCHEL is a wordless point-and-click story in which you’ll need to solve strange environmental puzzles and interact with unusual creatures to progress. Unlike the previous games, this one’s fully embraced the comedy genre.

CHUCHEL is a game about a hairy little guy on the hunt for cherries. That simple premise unfolds into a wild ride full of unforgettable characters and situations. It’s hard to do an Amanita game justice on paper – to get a feel for the unique and completely bonkers style of the game, we highly recommend checking out the launch trailer below.

The game launched earlier this year on PC, and has been described by reviewers as “a giant cuddle of a game” that’s “silly in the best possible way.” It looks absolutely adorable and it’s available for $5/£5 on the App Store. That’s half the price of the PC version!