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The classic game: Impossible Road

Endless runners? Pfft. This endless roller showed where the genre was at

In this entry in our series on classic iPhone games, we blaze along with a breakneck minimalist endless title from 2014.

Impossilbe Road

What was Impossible Road?

An endless runner – of sorts. It took place in 3D, with you aiming to direct your marble-like ‘vessel’ as far as possible along an undulating roller-coaster ribbon that had been frozen and suspended in space. It was like bobsled combined with a bucking bronco. One mistake could consign you to the empty white void.

Why was it a classic?

The feel of the game was perfect. It had weight. You had to master how the game’s physics worked with the track, to give yourself a chance at beating your high score. Also, you could ‘cheat’ by hurling yourself off the track and rejoining it further along. In fact, you were urged to do this, since there was a separate ‘jump’ leaderboard! Barreling along was exhilarating enough, and so it was positively electrifying when you propelled the vessel into the air and hoped you could get back to the track before your scant few seconds of air time was up.

Impossible Road, gate 64

Where is it now?

Impossible Road remains on the App Store – and remains as exciting as ever. Although it hasn’t been updated since 2017, it runs full screen on modern iPhones. Sequel Super Impossible Road, which adds sci-fi visuals, racing and new game modes, is on Apple Arcade and comes similarly recommended.

Visit the Impossible Road website or get Impossible Road ($2.99/£2.49) from the App Store.