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Crossgrams: a clever new spin on crosswords

Looking for a new word game to usher your brain out of the festive lull and into the new year? We may have found just the thing, a delightfully simple concept that has you rearranging words to complete a grid.

Swipe the letters around until every word makes sense

Here’s the full description:

“Crossgrams is a new kind of word puzzle which mixes anagrams with crosswords (and has a pinch of Sudoku). It’s simple, challenging, and extremely addictive. To unscramble each puzzle, just drag letters left and right (never up or down), but watch out: it’s not as easy as it seems! Each letter you solve and pin in place is a new clue for the surrounding words. Puzzles range from bite-sized fun to brain-busters you can spend a whole afternoon chipping away at, just like a weekend crossword puzzle.”

Before long things can get seriously complex

The game is well designed and the levels range from simple brainteasers to genuinely challenging epics. Best of all, it’s completely free with no ads in sight!

If you burn through the included puzzles and tire of the daily updates, you can buy addition puzzle packs for a buck or two apiece. It’s a good way to support the developer if you appreciate their work, and it means casual users can dip in without spending a penny.

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