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Looking for the next distraction to add to your Home screen? You’re in luck, because a whole bunch of good-looking games just dropped on the App Store. Read on for our pick of the best new titles of the week!

Hang Line (FREE)

Can you swing your way with a grappling hook it to the top of the mountain?! In a perilous environment, disaster can strike at any given moment…

BE THE HERO you were meant to be – armed with your trusty grappling hook, RISK IT ALL for mission glory and triumph as you search for and rescue stranded survivors, from researchers to royalty.

LEAP and GRAPPLE over treacherous terrain – DODGE falling boulders, ice, and molten lava, and ESCAPE from the clutches – and fangs – of dangerous wild beasts like mountain lions and billy goats.

Hang Line


DUNKYPUNG is a deadly (but cute) brutal bouncing action experience. Bounce your way through EXTREMELY CHALLENGING, ever-shifting arenas filled with spinning saws, spring-loaded spikes, flames, and other machinations that want to kill you super ultra very dead.


Bricka (FREE)

Bricka is a new and exciting ‘Sliding Tile Word Search’ game with unique never-seen game mechanics. Yet Bricka still maintains that classic word game feel.

It is fun, fast and easy to play. Slide the letters around the board to connect letters and make words. Challenge a friend, play a stranger or relax and play a solo round. However you choose to play, you are sure to love this new way to play with words.


A Thief’s Journey (FREE)

Welcome to “A Thief’s Journey”, a simple puzzle game which is set in a relaxed environment of a museum room filled with guards, searchlights, spikes and lasers against a backdrop of soothing calm music where all you have to do is tip toe around the floor and find your way to steal the prize. Relaxing isn’t it?

The game consists of various puzzle elements like collecting keys, activating/deactivating tiles, floor traps and restricted entry and exit to various bases. All of this fun is packed in 40+ levels of simple puzzle solving fun where we guarantee only one thing: you can’t avoid being caught!

A Thief’s Journey