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Four great games: this week’s App Store gems

Looking for the next distraction to add to your Home screen? You’re in luck, because a whole bunch of good-looking games just dropped on the App Store. Read on for our pick of the best new titles of the week!

see/saw ($3/£3)

A minimal, fast-paced touch platformer from the mind that brought you gems like Zip-Zap and Supertype. Through a bunch of varied levels, your job is to collect every coin before you get killed by a series of inventive pitfalls. Once the coins are the in bag, it’s safe to perish – in fact, that’s the only way to move to the next level!

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Persephone ($4/£4)

Here’s another app that treats death as a game mechanic rather than an end. Persephone is a beautiful isometric puzzle game about immortality, in which death is an essential move in your logical toolbox. Explore five different environments as you work out the optimal times to jump off this mortal coil to proceed.

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Alphaputt ($4/£4)

Haven’t you always dreamed of a way to combine your twin loves of mini golf and typography? No? Well, that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun combination. Putt your way through 26 levels of minimal, colorful, alphabetic golf action. Infinite game modes, multiplayer, and par challenges combine to make this a game with a lot of replayability.

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Spitkiss ($2/£2)

A charming and bizarre one-touch platformer that explores love, gender identity, and various bodily organs through the lens of sick jumps and bullet time dodges. Play through 80 levels to see the full meta-narrative unfold, as told through a cute story that progresses alongside your platforming skills.

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