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It’s been a while since we’ve reported on a good App Store bargain – developers just aren’t putting things on sale like they used to! But that doesn’t mean we haven’t stopped looking, and we’re pleased to report that a brain-teasing word puzzler has just dropped to the low, low price of zero dollars.

Note: price correct at time of writing, but is subject to change at the whim of its developers. Always double check the price on the App Store before buying!

Wordophile – was $2/£2, now FREE

Wordophile is best described as a mix between a crossword puzzle and a word search. Each level consists of a series of clues and a grid of word chunks. Your job is to match up all the chunks into words that answer the clues – it’s a smart, simple formula that gives you two ways to find a solution. This is particularly useful for keeping the game from becoming too frustrating; if you’re stuck on the clues, dedicate some time to examining the remaining letters in the grid, and vice versa.

While it’s unlikely to win any beauty contests, this is a game that dials back word puzzles to the basics, and feels akin to a puzzle you’d find in a classy newspaper. There are no timers, no points, and no unlockables – everything is there to be worked through at your own pace.

The bulk of the game is currently available completely free. Users can optionally pay for hints if they get stuck, and there are a couple of additional content packs unlocked as in-app purchases. But while this sale lasts, there’s plenty to see and do here without spending a dime. If you’re a fan of word games and/or trivia puzzles, why not give Wordophile a spot on your Home screen?

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