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Frogger in Toy Town – a classic title revamped for a modern platform

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Frogger is back in an all-new Apple Arcade title that updates the classic game for 2019 while making a few smart changes

Price: Included with Apple Arcade
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 395 MB
Seller: Konami
Platform: iPhone & iPad

Frogger in Toy Town

Apple Arcade has launched with a revamped version of a classic and much-loved arcade game. Frogger in Toy Town updates the green-skinned jumper for our modern iOS devices with a few smart changes. The result is everything you’d want from a Frogger title – fun, addictive, and satisfying gameplay from an app that in no way takes itself too seriously.

Arcade is free of charge for one month, and if Apple’s on-stage showcase is anything to go by, this one’s a must-try. But how does it line up against the rest of the Arcade line-up, and does it beat Crossy Road, a hugely successful title also inspired by the original Frogger?

Meet Frogger in Toy Town.

Thankfully, Frogger in Toy Town in no way disappoints. Taking charge of Frogger, whose goal is (and has always been) to progress through levels by dodging traffic, players will notice a few changes in this rendition of the classic game. 

First, there’s the narrative hook: after a terrible storm, “froglets” are scattered across the human world, and it’s up to you to find them. So rather than simply crossing the road to get to the other side, our green protagonist is this time charged with finding and saving these froglets, which often requires you to look carefully and problem-solve diligently.

Climb those structures.

The second change is the graphical update – Frogger in Toy Town is a huge improvement on what you might remember when you think of the game series. The world which Frogger explores is richly animated and is a treat to hop through. And the new swipe controls feel as natural as hitting those arcade buttons did back in the 80s.

Rescue those froglets.

The setting – as hinted at by the title – is a human house where toy cars, pencils, and even Jack-in-the-Boxes have come to life and are hoping to squash poor old Frogger. It might sound like a Pixar film, but the concept works, making Frogger in Toy Town even more child-friendly than it might otherwise be.

Earn stars for your performance.

Frogger can hop up structures in order to retrieve froglets and he can even fire balls at enemy toys. Meanwhile, collect 100 jellybeans and: Frogger goes ape, becomes invincible, and nothing can stop him as he hops onward, knocking blocks and cars out of his way.

When it comes to knocking down toy structures, well-deployed physics give the title a realistic feel. Blocks tip, topple, and fall naturally – it’s exactly what you’d expect from a modern iOS game, and to see Frogger explore this smartly-developed realm is a treat.

What’s really nice about Frogger in Toy Town is the good level of variety which is on offer – some levels get you hopping onto floating logs which drift along a beautifully animated river, while others get you bouncing off trampolines and skating along a bar of soap. It’s an absolutely charming title that is so easy to get lost in.