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Golf Blitz – multiplayer mini-golf madness

We were massive fans of Super Stickman Golf 3 when it launched a couple years back, and Golf Blitz is an evolution of one of the game’s most compelling modes, split off into its own game.

This is a multiplayer-only experience, and it might as well be called “speed golf.” It doesn’t matter how many shots it takes to get to the hole, so long as you get there quickly – all four human competitors tee off simultaneously and work through each level together. It’s thrilling when you hit the putting green neck-and-neck with a rival, and the fact that you can knock other players’ balls out of the way adds to the competitive mayhem.

There are enough wacky obstacles and powers to keep the levels fresh and interesting

One of the most notable quality-of-life improvements over the previous game in the series is the move to a portrait format, which suits the game surprisingly well. Other changes include the removal of the satisfying spin mechanic, something which worked brilliantly in SSG3 but is perhaps overpowered for a multiplayer experience.

There are a few freemium annoyances here – mainly wait timers that discourage you from playing too long in one sitting, and plenty of grinding if you want to unlock the best powerups – but as ever, the core gameplay is available entirely free.

If hectic multiplayer battles are your thing, Golf Blitz is a lot of fun. But if you prefer a slower, more considered approach to your off-the-wall space golf, now is an excellent time to revisit SSG3’s superb single-player levels. Both are free to download from the App Store.


Golf Blitz