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Good Sudoku – Sudoku finally finds its ideal form

The traditional Japanese logic puzzle gets a masterfully modern spin on mobile

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.2
Size: 169.9 MB
Seller: Zach Gage
Platform: iPhone & iPad

Good Sudoku

We all get more than a little excited when Zach Gage – the indie developer behind Pocket Run Pool and Flipflop Solitaire – launches a new game on the App Store. And his most recent title, Good Sudoku, doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’re a sudoku sensei or a total novice, Good Sudoku is a must-have app that deserves a place on your device.

For those who don’t know, sudoku is a number-based logic puzzle where players must place the numbers 1–9 on a nine-by-nine grid horizontally, vertically, and also within nine three-by-three squares called houses. When you launch Good Sudoku for the first time, the app does a great job of explaining the basic rules of the game – if you’ve never played sudoku before, you don’t need to worry.

How to play.

First and foremost, Good Sudoku streamlines classic sudoku on iOS and iPadOS in a number of different ways, making the traditional game way more enjoyable. The sudoku board is large and clear, and a numerical pad towards the bottom of the screen makes it easy to quickly punch in numbers. But there’s more. If you tap an empty square on the sudoku board, the app then only shows you the possible number options, rather than all nine. And if you tap a number on the board, Good Sudoku highlights, in orange, the presence of that number in other rows and houses.

The game board.

At first, this might feel a little like cheating. But ultimately, it only serves to make sudoku more accessible, less irritating, and more fun. Removing this “busywork” from the game frees up cranial capacity to focus on advanced techniques and challenges, of which there are many. This app can teach you more about sudoku in a day than a book of puzzles could in a year.

Good Sudoku also makes note-taking – an essential component, especially for trickier puzzles – incredibly simple. After tapping the blue notes button, you can easily drag to annotate multiple squares. For those who want a little extra help, there’s also an auto-note feature. And if you realize you’ve made a mistake, you can quickly hammer the undo button. These aspects of Good Sudoku make the process of crunching through sudoku puzzles easier than it would be using pen and paper.


These smart features are combined with everything you might expect of a well-made game. There are daily challenges, global leaderboards, and a comprehensive Improve mode which helps students perfect their sudoku skills. And more than 70,000 sudoku puzzles are available for players to work through, meaning you aren’t going to run out soon.

Improve your technique.

Combine all this with Good Sudoku’s excellent design aesthetic, which shares similarities with Gage’s other games, and what you have is a flawless iteration of a classic.

Tweak the settings.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of logic puzzles or are planning on making your first foray into the rich world of sudoku, look no further. Good Sudoku is the perfect app to begin – or continue – your sudoku journey on iOS or iPadOS. It’s available free of charge, with a $4/£4 IAP unlocking stats, color schemes, night colors, and additional difficulties, among other features.