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How to improve your best score in Color Switch

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Color Switch is the highly addictive one-tap arcade game that’s sweeping the App Store. It’s strangely zen-like when you’re in the zone, but completing the tougher challenges or beating your friends’ high scores in the standard endless mode is a recipe for frustration.

Luckily for us, Evan Heisenberg from WriterParty has some great tips for improving your Color Switch technique. You can read them all here. Keeping a steady rhythm in this game is super important, and while for the most part it can be done by feel, playing a favorite song may just help you keep to a set tempo.

“In order to keep the ball sitting evenly while you are waiting for the right color to come up, tap at a rate of about 2 taps per second, or 120 beats per minute, in order to keep it bouncing at the same level. Tap faster when it’s time to go through the matching color, but don’t tap too fast or you might run into the other side of the shape before the right color comes back around to the other side.”

He also advises practicing the tougher obstacles in challenge mode to make sure you’re ready if they randomly crop up when you’re going for a high score in endless:

“Currently there are just over 100 challenge levels. Go to this mode anytime you want to in order to practice specific obstacles, especially the hard ones as they will give you really fast reflexes.”

You can download Color Switch for free on the App Store – but be warned, it’s addictive!

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