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Layton’s Mystery Journey: acclaimed puzzle franchise comes to iOS

A brand new ‘Professor Layton’ game just dropped onto the App Store

This is big news for puzzle fans – one of the most entertaining, clever puzzle franchises we’ve ever played has just released a huge new sequel to iOS. The Layton games have typically been seen on Nintendo’s handheld consoles, and they’re full to bursting with great content, with much more depth than your average app.

These games are charming, story-based affairs with dozens upon dozens of unique and challenging riddles to solve. Here’s the pitch for the latest entry in the series:

“Join Katrielle Layton in the heart of London, as she becomes embroiled in a casual, comical, quizzical quest, which has its roots in our new hero’s search for her missing father, Professor Hershel Layton. Full of ingenious challenges, charming characters and clever plot twists, the latest Layton instalment will prove to you beyond a shadow of doubt that the truth IS stranger than fiction!”

By App Store standards, it’s not cheap at $16/£16 – but consider that this is a full-fledged premium game, which sells for more than twice that on the Nintendo 3DS. It marks the first time a Layton game has debuted on iOS, and if it does well we can expect to see more puzzle-solving antics in the future.

If that’s too steep, you can be sure we’ll let you know if and when the app goes on sale. And we’ll be penning a full review in due course to gauge if it’s really worth your money. In the meantime, though, the app is available immediately on the App Store.

Download Layton’s Mystery Journey