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Love and Hate 2 – a platform puzzler that’s hard to put down

Work through tough 3D puzzles using the power of love … and hate

Price: $3 / £3
Version: 1.1.7
Size: 416.7 MB
Seller: Black Pants Studio GmbH
Platform: iPhone / iPad

Love and Hate 2

About Love, Hate & the Other Ones 2 (hereafter called Love and Hate 2) is a platform puzzler that’s both fun and head-scratchingly challenging at the same time. Following on from its equally enjoyable predecessor, in this sequel, the extra challenge of three-dimensional worlds has been added into the mix.

Love and Hate 2 is about two characters – Love and Hate. When Hate’s child goes missing after pressing a big red button, Love and Hate team-up to find him. To do so, they must transverse strange levels inhabited by odd characters, using their mutually beneficial skills in order to transport ever onward.

About Love, Hate, and the Other Ones.

As we all know, love and hate can influence others. In this game, Love has the power of firing off hearts which attract blob-like minions (called Other Ones) towards you, while Hate has the opposite effect – his lightning bolts instead send the Other Ones off in the other direction. This simple mechanic is crucial in Love and Hate 2, because often, getting to the end of a level requires you to move and position other blobs in exactly the right place.

If you manage this, it’s a simple case of commanding either Love or Hate to walk from one end of the level to the other, in order to jump on a red button and transport to the next stage.

Immersive 3D levels.

Moving Love and Hate around each level involves pointing and tapping at tiles – most of the time this works fine, although you may need to zoom-in in order to select the right block. One wrong move could see you reach a point of no return, but fortunately, Love and Hate 2 includes a useful “rewind” button which allows you to undo any such wrongs.

You’ll also be judged on the number of moves you use to complete a level, and whether you manage to collect all of the available coins which are scattered about. As levels get progressively harder, collecting coins may require you to deviate from the most direct path – and they could put Love, Hate, and the Other Ones in danger, so tread carefully!

Diverse puzzles to solve.

In terms of design, Love and Hate 2 is simple but sweet – its levels span a range of different worlds, each with their own backdrop and “feel.” This adds a nice dose of variety, and gives the sense that you’re closing in on whatever realm has captured Hate’s child. And like we said, while those initial levels are easy and accessible, Love and Hate 2 quickly becomes challenging and complex, and will put your visual spatial skills to the test!

So for a platform puzzler that’s fun, challenging, and feels nice to play, look no further. About Love, Hate & the Other Ones 2 really is a classic mobile game – it’s the perfect way to spend a rainy day.