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Meteorfall: Journey – another spin on the card genre

Will card games ever go out of fashion? Playing cards have been popular for centuries, and the rise in iPhone and iPad gaming has only fed that with more and more creative takes on classic formulas.

It looks as though that tradition is set to continue, as a charming new card game just hit the App Store.

Meteorfall: Journey – $3/£3

Meteorfall is a roguelike deck builder, which – translated from gamer speak – simply means the game gets harder as you play, and you’ll be collecting new cards as you go.

Instead of making full houses or collecting tricks you’re tasked here with battling enemies, and the cards allow you to perform various combat moves. Lose a battle and you’ll have to start again from the beginning.

The artwork is reminiscent of cartoon favorite Adventure Time, while the gameplay itself isn’t too far flung from Solitairica, one of our favorites in the genre.

If you’re keen on card-based time-killers with hidden depth, give it a bash!

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