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Minesweeper Genius: a slick reinvention of a classic

Remember Minesweeper? The classic puzzle game that came free with most personal computers since 1992 is easy-to-learn, insanely addictive, and responsible for countless hours of lost productivity in the office. Think of it as Solitaire’s little brother.

For those of you who feel a burst of nostalgia toward the original Minesweeper, rejoice: Mother Gaia Studio has just released a modern take on the classic formula, sure to scratch that Minesweeper itch while offering some new challenges. Even if you never played the original, this is a solid puzzler in its own right and well worth a look.

Minesweeper has always been a game of investigation, using logic to figure out which squares on the board are safe and which contain bombs, based on the number-based clues provided. Not too dissimilar from Sudoku, with a deadly twist. Now, though, there’s an actual “sweeper” involved, as you have to guide Aristotle through the grid while carefully avoiding the deadly mine squares.

The game has dozens upon dozens of levels to blast through, with no pesky wait timers or in-app purchases in sight. At $2/£2 it’s a pretty sound investment. You don’t need to be a Genius to see that puzzle lovers (especially Minesweeper fans) will get a lot out of this one.

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