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Miracle Merchant: a solitaire-style potion-brewing game

Miracle Merchant – $1.99/£1.99

What a treat! A brand new game just dropped from TinyTouchTales, the creator of Card Crawl and Card Thief, two of our favorite Solitaire-inspired puzzlers on iOS. Miracle Merchant has a similar appeal, tasking players to work through a deck of cards as efficiently as possible, brewing potions by combining cards.

Compared to those previous efforts, this is a more lightweight game, easier to pick up and quicker to play. Each round lasts just a couple of minutes. And it’s a beauty, with fun hand-drawn art by Thomas Wellman.

As the apprentice of a master alchemist, players combine colored cards from four stacks to create potions for thirsty customers. Once all 13 customers have been served, the game is over – but the real challenge is in collecting the most points along the way for making good combinations and keeping everyone satisfied with their favorite drinks.

From what we’ve played so far this is really good fun, and should appeal to anyone who likes card games. There’s a lot of replay value here and you may find yourself hooked after the first few games!

Download Miracle Merchant