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New Pokémon game “Magikarp Jump” arrives on the App Store

There’s a new Pokémon game available for iOS, and it’s… kinda weird

After the success of last year’s Pokémon GO, it’s no real surprise that the Pokémon Company would want to release more games to capitalize on the popularity of the franchise. But we didn’t expect this – a new game just launched, focused entirely on the most pathetic Pokémon ever: Magikarp.

Magikarp Jump involves catching these fish-like creatures and training them up to compete in jumping contests. It’s a bizarre affair that seems to revel in its absurdity – even the developers open the App Store description with “what is the world coming to?!”

Anyway, if you’re curious about this new game the good news is that it’s completely free and doesn’t look to include any in-app purchases or freemium shenanigans – a big bonus if you have kids who like Pokémon! In the game, you can discover and raise new different types of Magikarp, level up by completing training regimes, and “spruce up your pond.” More popular Pokémon like Pikachu and Charizard will sometimes swing by to help, too.

From what we’ve seen, the game has a very self-aware sense of humor and a really charming aesthetic. Kids will love it and Pokémon fans of all ages may want to give the game a download just to see what it’s all about. You can download Magikarp Jump for free on the App Store.

And if you’re disappointed by the lack of strategy or challenge here, why not give Pokémon Duel a go instead?