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Price drop: fancy some Backgammon? It’s now free

Backgammon HD – was $5/£5, now FREE

Backgammon is one of the best-loved of the classic board games, and one of the oldest too – its origins trace back over 5,000 years! But despite its age, Backgammon is thriving in its new home on mobile.

This particular HD version is widely considered the best Backgammon game on the App Store, with countless glowing reviews. That’s probably why it usually sells for a full $5/£5. Not right now though! At the time of writing, Backgammon HD has cut its price down to precisely zero – if you want to add to your digital board game collection, act now to grab it before the price goes up again.

Backgammon HD has six different board designs, two distinct game modes, and allows you to play solo or online against random opponents – which is where it gets seriously addictive!

Whether you’re a long-time ‘gammon fan or looking for your first taste of rolling the dice and “bearing off” your pieces, this is a highly recommended freebie.

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