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Price drop! Stardew Valley down to just $5

Was $11/£11, then $8/£8, now $5/£5

Stardew Valley

The award-winning country-life RPG is currently available for just $5/£5 on the App Store. Compare that to its current price on competing games consoles of $15/£15, and you’ll see it’s a bit of a bargain.

Stardew Valley ticks a lot of the same boxes as Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, a game that has been massively popular during the current lockdown. It gives you complete control over your own chunk of virtual land, allowing you to gradually build up a town of your own design. It also has a similar focus on relaxing busywork and relationship building – quite the tonic in these stressful times.

Here’s an excerpt from our 2018 review to whet your whistle:

Like farming? Enter your prize vegetables into the yearly harvest festival. Fancy yourself a family man (or woman)? Sweet talk your neighbors until they want to marry you and start a family. Love fishing? Head to the beach and, uh, catch a really big fish. Beyond that there are opportunities to redecorate your house, tend lovingly to your favorite livestock, and – for the action fans among you – delve deep into underground mines to battle monsters for their valuable treasures.

Whatever you choose, there’s plenty to do here and what to focus on is always up to you.

There’s a reason games like Farmville are so popular with the masses – there’s something inherently satisfying about building and managing your own plot of land. Thankfully, this is a premium game and as such, you won’t encounter a single in-app purchase or frustrating wait-timer.

In our review, we stressed that this kind of simulation game isn’t for everyone – but for those its relaxing farming vibes chime with, it’s a masterpiece. At this price, it’s well worth checking to see if you’re in the latter camp.