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Price drops: three great games currently on sale

We keep an eye on price fluctuations on the App Store every day, but there’s not always much to report in terms of high-quality discounts. Today bucks the trend, though, with three amazing games all dropping their prices at the same time.

All three were released in 2018, and all three impressed our team when we reviewed them earlier this year. It’s rare to get such successful recent releases for these prices, so if any of the following pique your interest make sure to grab them before the sales end!

Please remember that these discounted prices are for a limited time only and could increase at any time. The App Store will always confirm the current price before download. All prices are correct at the time of writing.

Alto’s Odyssey – was $5/£5, now $2/£2

A one-tap, endless sandboarding adventure that has you backflipping through beautiful desert environments.

From our five-star review: “This is a super satisfying and immaculately polished game that improves on its predecessor without compromising the basics which made Alto’s Adventure such a hit.

What elevates Odyssey beyond its peers is its immaculate presentation. The various biomes you’ll encounter each throw up new and amazing landscapes, with the visuals constantly impressing amidst frequent weather changes and a speedy day-night cycle. The attention to detail is superb and each frame of artwork is graphically stunning. Not to mention the pulsating, atmospheric soundtrack that helps draw you in.”

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Florence – was $3/£3, now $2/£2

Poignant graphical storytelling with interactive elements, from the lead designer of Monument Valley 2.

From our five-star review: “An interactive storybook at its core, the narrative focuses on Florence Yeoh, a young woman stuck in a relatively boring routine. You first follow her through an unimaginative cycle of sleep, work, social media and then… one day, she meets Krish.

Although it’s short, Florence is incredibly intricate. It makes a change from apps designed to hook you in with their addictive quality. Florence simply wants you to drop in, hear her story, and then get on with your life using the lessons she’s taught you. Lovely.”

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Bring You Home – was $3/£3, now $1/£1

An adorably clever reality-bending puzzler with a distinct style and humor.

From our four-star review: “Polo the alien is living a quiet life in a curiously Earth-like idyll when a gang of hooded thugs skulks in and kidnaps his blobby pet. That’s the cue for another irresistible adventure-puzzler from the maker of Love You To Bits.

Bring You Home excels through the sheer quality and inventiveness of each vignette. It’s rarely how you expect, and the game even provides little rewards for exploring its various fail states. This is one of those rare games in which you’ll enjoy failure just as much as success. For those who appreciate an expertly executed slice of whimsy, this is a lovely box of silly treats”

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