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9 pointers to drive like a pro in Does Not Commute

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Does Not Commute is a driving game that incorporates elements of strategy, puzzle and simulation gaming. Plus time-travel. It’s got a humorous and inventive backstory which builds to a great finale – but getting to the last level can be pretty tough. Our number one tip is to buy the $1.99 premium upgrade to unlock checkpoints, but beyond that GottaBeMobile has written up 9 great strategies to help you become a better driver. Read the tips in full here. You’ll want to plan those routes before you start:

“The fastest way to succeed in Does Not Commute is to drive intelligently and know the routes that you need to take. You’ll learn these as you go through each level, but you can shortcut this by studying the route before you tap on the screen to go. So plan out where you want your car to go before you start driving.”

It’s also recommended that you don’t go nuts with the powerups:

“When you use the turbo special boost, you’re going to go faster but you have less traction which means less control. Use this when you’re in a vehicle that you know you’re going to stay on the road and when your route is generally one you can stay on the road.”

This is one of our favorite iOS games of recent times – check out our full review to find out why.

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