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9 top strategies for perfecting your Threes game

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iMore shows us how to make higher matches and get higher scores on the addictive number puzzler Threes! The most important strategy is to pick a corner and aim everything towards it – but there’s plenty of other clever tricks to help improve your game. You can read all nine tips in full here. We particularly like this advice to prioritize space over big matches:

“Sometimes it can be tempting to beeline for big matches without considering anything else on the board. Though you may very well get that big match, you can also find yourself with few free spaces afterwards. Often in these situations, your high-scoring pair will be close enough together that you can clean up a few other cards while still keeping them together.”

Sometimes the best strategies are counter-intuitive – a move can often be better than a match:

“Ideally you want to have as much free space as possible, but that’s not always the case. If there are a lot of empty cards and not a lot of options for pairing, it may take a swipe or two in order to get useful cards and close the gap between your existing ones. Also, it may be worth slight readjustments in order to pair up multiple cards at once or high-value targets.”

Threes! is an app store favorite that’s inspired countless knock-offs like 2048. Check out our full review to see what all the fuss is about!

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