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Apple updates its free app of the week! Ridge Racer Slipstream is now available for free

Ridge Racer Slipstream – was $2.99/£2.99, now FREE

Apple has updated its free app of the week, picking the veteran driving game Ridge Racer Slipstream for the spotlight this time. Though it’s a few years old now, it stands up surprisingly well thanks to a recent update and is definitely worth a look if you’ve any interest in cars or racing games.

Download Ridge Racer Slipstream

Based on the popular console franchise Ridge Racer, this is a game that focuses on super-fast gameplay, with emphasis on high-speed drifts and tight cornering. Fans of the game like the series for its slick graphics, realistic simulation and tight controls – and this iOS version doesn’t disappoint. There’s an in-depth career mode to play through, or if you just want a quick driving fix then arcade mode has you covered.

Though there are a few freemium trappings here like IAP for upgrades, it’s easy enough to have a good time with this game for free – so long as you don’t get obsessed with customizing every vehicle.

Note: prices correct at time of publishing, but this is a promotional offer and will likely revert to its normal price soon. Act fact!