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How to touch everything in Please, Don’t Touch Anything

Please, Don’t Touch Anything is a mysterious, complex puzzle game that will test your wits. If you find it’s also testing your patience, it may be worth dipping into some online solutions as a last resort.

There are 25 ‘endings’ to discover in PDTA, each more cryptic than the last. We’d highly recommend conquering as much as you possibly can by yourself before looking at spoilers, but when you inevitably cave in it’s time to check the comprehensive list of solutions published by the music and game enthusiasts over at Modern Jamming.

If you’re not ready to read the full solutions just yet, we’ve come up with a handful of general hints which sit on the gentler end of the spoiler spectrum. Think about these clues next time you’re stuck at the control panel:

  • It can be fruitful to press things more than once
  • Numbers are important, but you don’t have to do any serious math
  • Everything on the ‘Instruction’ panel has a hidden meaning
  • Is there somewhere you can recreate that pentagram?
  • When you find the tools, try using them on everything
  • Is that the time? What’s making those clock faces light up?
  • It pays to be vigilant when you find the Illuminati
  • Look really carefully at the markings on the control panel
  • Sometimes it’s better to sit back and relax for a while

This is a tough game, and we promise we won’t judge you if you need help! Some of the puzzles are pretty obtuse – but they all make sense, and some of the endings are awesome. Check out our review if you need convincing, and good luck touching everything!

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