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Reckless Racing 3 review – crash your way to victory

Forget mirror, signal, maneuver – drive recklessly instead

Reckless Racing is back – and the third installment sure is mammoth. With brand-new tracks, vehicles, and an all-new Gymkhana mode, there’s loads to get stuck into. For those of you who haven’t come across either of the previous entries in this series, Reckless Racing is a top-down racing game that takes place across a variety of terrains. Instead of trying to drive perfectly, though, you’ll find yourself deliberately slipping and sliding around to avoid the other competitors.

The different game modes are pretty standard for these types of racing games – while you’ll spend most of your time in Career mode, there are also arcade and quick race modes to play with. Career mode features three competition types: Race, Drift, and Gymkhana. Race mode builds through a series of contents, earning you points in your bid for the championship. Drift mode encourages you to get round the course while pretty much traveling sideways. In the new Gymkhana mode, you have to follow a set path while avoiding obstacles and generally doing donuts.

There's plenty of different terrains to master

There’s plenty of different terrains to master

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to participate in any of these events without a vehicle, and you have to buy one in order to enter each competition. There’s certainly plenty of them – and more than just your basic cars, too. You can choose from a range of autos, trucks, station wagons, dune buggies, and more. Each vehicle specializes in one of the aforementioned modes, and they all handle slightly differently, so pick wisely! Considering each vehicle with an eye on the A–C rating system may help with your decision.

The trucks may have a weight advantage but they don't handle so well

The trucks may have a weight advantage but they don’t handle so well

On the racetrack the cars are maneuvered using onscreen controls: accelerate and brake on one side; left and right on the other. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make for steady control in a hectic race – it’s too easy to miss the buttons and go careering off course. And the vehicles’ natural tendency to drift only adds to the carnage.

Jeeves, will you prepare the Rolls for a quick jaunt around the vineyard?

Jeeves, will you prepare the Rolls for a quick jaunt around the vineyard?

Despite this, the confusion makes for a fun game and, with its great variety of races and modes, Reckless Racing 3 is sure to keep those who enjoy motoring chaos coming back for more. But those who take their racing more seriously should probably opt for Real Racing 3 instead.

Price: $4.99/£2.99
Size: 225 MB
Version: 1.0.2
Platform: Universal
Developer: Pixelbite

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