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Rest in Pieces – spooky endless runner with a difference

It’s the stuff of nightmares, combining the runner genre with smart physics in a ghoulish world

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.4
Size: 221.8 MB
Seller: Itatake AB
Platform: iPhone and iPad

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Rest in Pieces is an endless runner that’s … well, let’s say a little different. The game offers a new approach to the endless runner genre in terms of its mechanics, placing its players into a dark, eerie world. If you’re looking for something a little unusual, this app is definitely worth checking out.

In Rest in Pieces, you take charge of a porcelain doll attached to a piece of string. This doll is endlessly dragged forwards, and you’ll need to tap on the left or right of your device to steer the doll out of harm’s way. As you’d expect, obstacles appear ahead and threaten to smash the doll into smithereens unless you’re careful with the controls – something which, at times, is pretty hard.

The game starts out easy enough, but the obstacles soon ramp up.

This is because the game utilizes realistic mechanics and physics in terms of the doll’s movement. The doll builds up momentum as you steer it, and sometimes its rhythmic oscillations don’t match up with the order of upcoming obstacles. There’ll be plenty of times when you find there’s simply nothing you can do but watch the doll crash, head first, into a boulder and smash into a million pieces. When that happens, it’s time to restart and have another go.

You’ll need to tap on the left or right of the screen to steer the doll out of harm’s way.

As well as protectively steering the doll, players can also catch jewels en route, and these can be spent on reviving your doll or upgrading to a new one. You can’t revive your doll more than twice in one round though, so gamers are going to have to work hard and develop some serious skills to progress through the app.

It’s possible to trade some of the in-game currency for a new doll.

Now, you might have noticed from the screenshots that there’s someone we haven’t mentioned yet. See the creepy jester who lies ahead of you? It’s your mission in Rest in Pieces to try and take him down by firing projectiles in his direction. In retaliation, he’ll send his minions to block your path, making the game even more challenging.

Using momentum is a good idea, but not too much – otherwise your doll could crash and smash.

This jester, along with the dark, gloomy setting and freaky sound effects, adds to the game’s nightmarish tone. It’s also worth noting that the game’s graphics are top notch on both the iPhone and iPad.

You can revive your doll, but for a price.

Rest in Pieces uses a sensible pricing structure whereby a $3/£3 in-app purchase unlocks the game in full, but where players can also game for free provided they sit through an ad every so often (ads replenish your “lives,” which are required to set off a new round). If you really are taken in by the app’s clever gameplay, the IAP is worth the price – lives run down so quickly in Rest in Pieces that players of the free version will find themselves watching a whole lot of ads to keep playing.

So, for a slice of something a little different, take a look at Rest in Pieces. It’s eerie and macabre, but incredibly addictive and well-polished.