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Asphalt 8 Airborne Review: Intense Arcade Racing

whether you’re winding your way through twisting Venice streets at breakneck speed or soaring into the London air (in precisely the way cars usually don’t), it’s clear Asphalt 8 doesn’t take itself very seriously. This is arcade racing at its most intense and exhilarating, with you taking on a series of events where you drive like a lunatic.



Naturally, you’re rewarded for sheer speed and getting to the finish line first, but you’re also very much encouraged to be reckless. Drift for miles and you get some nitro; fire up the nitro and your car becomes a barely controllable missile, smashing rivals out of the way. Your main concern is avoiding having a head-on collision, which wastes precious seconds as you restart.

The Italians are going to be furious about those tire’s skid marks.

The Italians are going to be furious about those tire’s skid marks.

Asphalt’s own abrupt crash comes in the way of its business model. Events are locked and rely on you acquiring enough stars (for coming first and also performing certain actions within races) and cars (certain types/brands are needed to enter specific events).

Price: FREE

Size: 922 MB

Version: 1.2.0

Platform: iOS Universal

Developer: Gameloft

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