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Bit Pilot Review: Dodging rocks!

This one would perhaps be better titled Bit Stupid Pilot, given that the protagonist appears to have blundered into a walled area of space occupied by an endless number of asteroids. Survival’s therefore the name of the game, darting between meandering rocks until your inevitable demise.

The controls are a really smart part of the game’s design, elevating it above its rivals. A single thumb swipe moves your ship (taking into account a small amount of inertia), but a two-thumb swipe is used to move more quickly. It’s therefore possible to easily make both subtle and rapid changes to your position, in order to eke out a few more seconds and add to your score.

Whop! The screen goes red as you’re hit by a space rock.

Whop! The screen goes red as you’re hit by a space rock.

Four modes are on offer, two of which are the basic game (avoid asteroids; pick up shields; grab bonus ‘pills’ that occasionally zoom by; avoid lasers) at two difficulty levels: ‘easy’ (in reality: hard) and ‘normal’ (really hard). The other two modes are variations on the theme. One zooms the view out, turning your ship into a tiny dot among a sea of floating rocks; the other has you weave your way between overlapping rocks, although ‘Crushed Within Seconds’ is perhaps a more appropriate name for this mode than ‘Tunnels’.

Tunnels mode: really, really, really hard.

Tunnels mode: really, really, really hard.

Price: $1.99/£1.49

Size: 29.9 MB

Version: 2.1.1

Platform: iOS Universal

Developer: Zach Gage   

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