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Device 6 Review: Skilfully designed literature adventure

Device 6 skillfully combines literature with adventure gaming, taking the player through the story with each chapter of the strange tale providing a puzzle that needs solving.

Everything about Device 6 is awash with style, strutting about with all the confidence of a ballsy 1960s thriller. After a dazzling intro, you enter the story as Anna, who has found herself alone on a desert island, with no idea of how she arrived. Her words form the geography of the game, while her sentences fashion the very corridors along which you move.

Numerous images are peppered throughout the chapters, while audio elements buzz around your head as you approach certain locations. With careful observation, you can make the leaps of logic required to access certain machinery on the island, and thus potentially solve the mystery.

Device 6 is one of the finest moments iOS gaming has ever seen. And while Device 6 is perhaps better suited to the iPad (where the text is more comfortable to read), it’s still a must-have puzzle game for those with smaller Apple devices.

Price: $3.99 / £2.49

Size: 139 MB

Version: 1.1

Platform: iOS Universal

Developer: Simogo

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