Humanity’s had another one of its apocalypses, and it’s up to friendly robot EPOCH to make sense of it all, mostly by shooting all of the other robots still lurking about the place and seemingly armed to the teeth. There’s a storyline buried somewhere (something about a princess, and warring armies), but fundamentally, this is about dealing out metallic destruction.

Buy things! Sell things (for less than you buy them for!)

Buy things! Sell things (for less than you buy them for!)

Despite the 3D viewpoint, this isn’t a free-roaming first-person shooter; EPOCH.2 instead mixes old-school gallery shooting with modern gestural controls. With its beautiful canned animations and methodical battles, it comes across rather like Infinity Blade, only with robots and gunfire replacing giant orcs and swords.

Price: $4.99/£2.99

Size: 422 MB

Version: 1.2

Platform: iOS universal

Developer: Uppercut Games Pty Ltd

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EPOCH.2 Review: Post-Apocalyptic Metallic Destruction
The game’s shortcomings are largely illustrated in its overall quest, which can get a bit frustrating. You really need certain weapons for certain missions, and so have to keep trading — and second-hand guns don’t fetch the price of shiny new ones. Otherwise this is a 3D shooter that truly feels at home on the iPhone, and it’s certainly a lot more fun than other FPS efforts that really want to be on a console.
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Sleek control system
  • Can get samey
  • A bit frustrating
3.5Overall Score