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FIFA is one of the biggest names when it comes to console sports games, and it’s the major title we feel transfers best to iOS. This is a somewhat simplified version of the famous soccer title, but it nonetheless offers a decent balance of immediacy and depth.

For free, you get access to a ‘game of the week’ and Ultimate Team mode, where you assemble a team and trade players rather like in a card game. IAP’s available if you don’t want to grind in that mode, and there’s a single $4.99/£2.99 payment to unlock traditional tournament, match-play and management modes, which seems pretty good value to us.

Regardless of the match action you find yourself in, FIFA looks great on the iPhone screen, with player movement clearly crafted by someone with an obsessive attention to detail; the only downside is everything’s a bit on the small side. Matches also have a dash of realism about them, ebbing and flowing, relying as much on strategic build-ups rather than one man sprinting the length of the pitch before thumping a ball home (at least if you’re not playing the easiest difficulty level).

Whether using touch controls or the virtual joystick, nuance is the order of the day

Whether using touch controls or the virtual joystick, nuance is the order of the day

Price: FREE [IAP]

Size: 64.0 MB

Version: 1.0.5

Platform: iPhone and iPad

Developer: Electronic Arts

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FIFA 14 Review: Impressive, for an ios port
Minor grumbles mostly center around suspicious AI when it comes to defensive play, and some control issues – the virtual sticks are quite involved, and while the touch-only controls are interesting and force strategic play, using them does make FIFA feel a little like a rolling demo. Still, this is impressive stuff – an admirable attempt to rework a major console title for the iPhone.
  • Rewards strategic play
  • Often feels like real soccer
  • Teeny tiny players
  • Manager mode too limited
4.0Overall Score