In Mikey Shorts, the titular hero had to run, jump and slide his way through over 80 levels, in order to rescue his friends. But as fans of platform games know all too well, friends just won’t stay rescued for long.

Yeah, thanks — we hadn’t noticed.

Yeah, thanks — we hadn’t noticed.

In this sequel, Mikey sets out to again liberate his chums, with the aid of his new secret weapon: swinging by a rope from handy hooks dotted about the place. Mikey Shorts was already a great Mario-style platform effort, and the new hook dynamic ramps things up a step further, improving the level design and fluid nature of the game. It’s fast and exciting, not least if you take the time-attack challenge and figure out how to complete each level as fast as possible.

Mikey swings for his life, hoping to avoid death-by-spikes.

Mikey swings for his life, hoping to avoid death-by-spikes.

Price: $1.99/£1.49

Size: 32.8 MB

Version: 1.3

Platform: iOS Universal

Developer:BeaverTap Games LLC

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Mikey Hooks Review: Best iOS Platformer
The game’s not the best-looking example around, with a fairly plain and dull art style, but looks can be deceiving: beneath the surface, this is probably the best platform game available on iOS.
  • Excellent level design
  • Solid touchscreen controls
  • Uninspiring art style
  • A bit short
4.0Overall Score