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Mini Motor Racing has more than a little Micro Machines in its blood, with cute vehicles rampaging around tight, twisty tracks. The handling is rather loose and the physics a little light, meaning it’s easy to drift but also to fly into the air when taking a hill a bit too fast.

The environments in Mini Motor Racing are spectacular, with gorgeous, varied scenery that encompasses ancient ruins, deserted islands, and clifftop towns with a churning sea far below. There’s even a Fruit Ninja circuit with annoyingly sticky giant produce dotted about.

Progression through the game relies on you reaching at least third in each tournament, and cash earned (or acquired via IAP) can be spent upgrading your vehicle. Late on in the game, the AI becomes irritatingly aggressive, seemingly more intent on smashing into you than completing the race, and this can sometimes make winning a bit too random.

It’s nitro o’clock as tail-enders battle in the ancient ruins.

It’s nitro o’clock as tail-enders battle in the ancient ruins.

Price: $0.99/£0.69

Version: 1.7.5

Size: 296 MB

Platform: iOS Universal

Developer: The Binary Mill

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Mini Motor Racing Review: Overhead Racing Frenzy
A.I. aside, Mini Motor Racing is fun and compelling, and therefore zooms across the finish line as the best overhead racer on iOS.
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Amusingly frenzied
  • Vicious AI on later tracks
  • Winning can be a bit random
4.3Overall Score