The app’s tilt controls, combined with its shoot-em-up elements, make Pigeon Wings a unique and entertaining game

Price: $1.99 (£1.99)
Version: 1.10
Size: 44.3 MB
Developer: Ignacio Schiefelbein
Platform: iPhone/iPad

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Pigeon Wings puts players in control of Pigeon, a plane-flying bird tasked with saving his city from an evil warlord. Combining shoot-em-up elements with a smart control system and super-fast gameplay, Pigeon Wings is a fun, light-hearted, and addictive game that iOS players are going to love.

The game’s backstory is in no way dense: the main character Pigeon must save his city, Megalopolis, from Duke Dexter – a supervillain who also loves taking to the skies. After a short cutscene, you’re sent off on the game’s first level. There isn’t much of a tutorial in Pigeon Wings and so the tilt-based control system might come as a surprise, but don’t worry: this is hands-down the best feature of the game.

Tilting your device is an interesting and effective way to control Pigeon and his plane.

You see, in order to control your plane in Pigeon Wings, you’ve got to hit an accelerate button (in the bottom-left of the screen) while tilting your iOS device to steer the craft. The controls are really sensitive, meaning very subtle tilts are needed to steer the plane through tunnels and across the changing landscape of the game. On-screen prompts give players a hint at the route ahead, but for the most part, your first five minutes of gameplay are going to involve a lot of crashes.

But the challenging landscape means you’ll likely face a crash or two!

As you progress through the game, weapons and boosts are unlocked; these can be activated by tapping the right-side of your device’s screen. There are levels where you’ll need to fire on an enemy pilot while at the same time dodging incoming missiles. All of this makes for super-challenging gameplay, so be prepared to hit “restart” once or twice in order to get through a level.

There are tunnels aplenty, both high and low, but Pigeon Wings does help players out by giving hints as to what’s ahead.

To add a further dimension, Pigeon Wings players are awarded a handful of coins when they successfully complete a level. These can then be used to upgrade your plane – better engines, for instance, can be bought.

Completing a level results in the award of coins. These can be used to upgrade Pigeon’s plane!

Add to all that a killer soundtrack and what you have is a fast-paced, super-fun racer-shooter that’s well-designed and has strong playability. There are 50 levels in total for gamers to take on, with another 20 levels and an endless mode apparently also incoming.

Review: Pigeon Wings - a super-fast racer with a smart control system
Pigeon Wings is a fantastic game. It's exhilarating, fun, and highly addictive. The app is superbly designed and offers a great soundtrack, too.
  • Super-fast gameplay
  • Tilt-based controls
  • Great soundtrack
  • More levels would be good
5.0Overall Score