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Review: Sneaky Sneaky – Turn-based adventure fun!

A game of timing, problem solving, and stealth

Guide Sneaky, a hooded and murderous, yet loveable rogue through through a series of dungeons in this most enjoyable quest.

Whoa there! Put that sword away before you hurt yourself! The clue’s in the title – you won’t get too far if you don’t use all of your cunning (and maybe some power-ups). The formula is a classic, make your way through a series of rooms, finding keys, collecting coins etc. With each room acting as it’s own mini puzzle though it never feels repetitive.

Do you fight, or run?

Do you fight, or run?

Sneak up on your unsuspecting targets by studying their patrol path and staying clear of their field of view (indicated by red blocks). If spotted, instead of instant death, you jump into a simplified RPG turn based battle. During your turn, you get the option to fight, or to try and retreat to a safe distance. It’s up to how you want to play the game.

There are 4 types of environment from the world map including the forests of Impwood, Caves of Serpent Sands, the Cursed Canyon and Medieval Towns, each containing a variety of beasts that you can sneak up on and stab in the back, or the face. Your choice.

3 environments to explore and fight or sneak your way through

3 environments to explore and fight or sneak your way through

Sneaky is equipped with a number of weapons and if you hide in a bush near an area an enemy is patrolling, the opportunity arises for you to lunge out and dispatch them quietly in one swoop. You also get a bow and arrow although you’ll need to cut down a whole tree for each additional arrow. Shame you can’t upgrade carpentry skills!

Fight or flight… Or magic?

Various accomplishments and time challenges are rewarded at the end of each level with XP points. Once a certain level are reached you can level up in one of 4 areas (attack, defense, range or armory) depending on your preference for playing the game. That’s what is really impressive about Sneaky Sneaky – for such a relatively simple looking puzzler, there are so many ways to play. Use bait to lure monsters into area of the map and sneak round the back, attack them from range with your bow, or meet them head on!

Handy, these random bails of hay.

Handy, these random bails of hay.

Our hero is called Sneaky for a reason however, and rushing through each level gung-ho is a sure fire way to end up at the game over screen. Control is a real sticking point in a game like this especially in high tension moments. You may wish you had the tactility of a controller as you stab furiously at the screen while Sneaky strolls out in an unexpected path right in front of hordes of enemies.

The visuals in the game are as cute as could possibly be appropriate for what is essentially a thieving convict on a murderous rampage.

Sneaky Sneaky is a very polished little game. There aren’t loads of levels, but with replay value there’s more than enough sneaking to justify the price tag.

Price: $2.99 / £1.99

Size: 69.7 MB
Version: 1.0.1
Platform: iOS Universal
Developer: Naiad Entertainment LLC

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