For a few seconds this game is the original Space Invaders; but as you play on the game evolves, taking you on a journey through the history of shoot ’em ups.

Enemies eventually cease lumbering about and start to attack en masse. Huge ships appear, flinging all manner of bullet-hell in your direction. When you reach a certain point, you can optionally flip your device and take on levels as R-Type-style side-scrollers too.


Pretty sure the original Space Invader guys never had ships this big!

Although we’ll grumble slightly about the lazy iPhone 5 optimization (black borders in-game, but full-screen between levels), Infinity Gene looks beautiful. It’s very iOS 7, with its stripped-back iconic white spacecraft atop simple gradients. It also plays out to a thumping soundtrack, urging you to high-score greatness.

Price: £2.99/$4.99

Size: 39.1 MB

Version: 4.1.5

Platform: iOS Universal

Developer: TAITO Corporation

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Space Invaders Infinity Gene Review: Fun shooting - with problems
The shortish levels do feel a little stop-start in nature, which might irk anyone settling in for a long gaming session, but otherwise this is a first-rate shooter for iOS: mobile-friendly, aware of the genre’s roots, and frequently exhilarating.
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Engaging, varied levels
  • Poor iPhone 5 optimization
4.5Overall Score