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Super Stickman Golf 2 Review: Inventive golfing fun

Super Stickman Golf 2 takes ‘crazy golf’ to a whole new level

You might look at Super Stickman Golf 2 leading our sports round-up with more than a little suspicion. Its bright, vibrant graphics look fantastic, but aren’t exactly banging on the door of realism, and nor are the courses, which are more likely to include giant saws and teleporters than something as mundane as a sand-trap. Also, the simple controls (left/right/power) and side-on view aren’t a million miles away from the likes of Angry Birds.


But fire up your imagination and this really is a fine game of mobile golf of an admittedly crazy kind. You must plan your shots carefully, learn the courses, and not mess up if you want to end up several under par. To increase your chances of success, you get access to a slew of power-ups in the form of special balls (sticky, magnetic, and so on) and hats that provide various advantages. These must be bought via in-game currency, earned by completing courses or collecting cash left lying around; optional IAP is an alternative. Longevity’s further guaranteed by two multiplayer modes: exciting (if slightly unreliable) live multiplayer races and an excellent asynchronous turn-by-turn mode with Game Center friends.

Price: $0.99/£0.69

Size: 53.2 MB

Version: 2.2

Platform: iPhone and iPad

Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc

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