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The Room Two Review: Spooky Puzzler

Another outing of weirdness, trying to discover the secret of The Room

We have no idea what was going on in The Room. It was very creepy, incredibly odd, and appeared to be about you pitting your wits against someone – or something – that had created the most elaborate boxes in existence. You’d search, find an opening, and discover yet more layers to the puzzle. The Room was the Russian Doll of iOS games, combined with more than a little horror.

In this sequel, everything’s a bit roomier. Instead of concentrating on one puzzle, figuring out how to get inside a single object, you’re presented with environments that contain multiple areas to explore and interact with. Initially, The Room Two feels much like its predecessor as it helps you find your feet, but very quickly you’re aboard a giant ship, bobbing and creaking in the inky black night, searching for clues within a replica ship and surprisingly complex treasure chest that has surprises far beyond gold.

Just like The Room, this sequel’s atmosphere is palpable, and the game is best enjoyed if you give it full attention and immerse yourself. Although playing on the small screen of an iPhone isn’t quite as engrossing as when using an iPad, if you’ve headphones on and are playing in the dark – preferably with rain pelting down outside – The Room Two’s menacing nature still manages to lift it beyond the bulk of its contemporaries.

How many hidden compartments can a model ship have?

How many hidden compartments can a model ship have?

Who’s there?

Rather than merely solving an endless array of puzzles, you feel like you’re somehow intruding, as raspy voices echo in the darkness, rooms violently shake, or previously inanimate objects spring to life as you make another step on the path to some kind of inevitable conclusion.

The typewriter just started typing by itself. We’re outta here!

The typewriter just started typing by itself. We’re outta here!

But this isn’t a free-roaming adventure. Although you’re not quite as restricted in terms of movement as in The Room, this episode’s environments remain very much on rails, and there’s a sense of linearity throughout. (Additionally, the in-game help system is too quick and eager to offer support, and is best disabled before you begin, in order to fully enjoy the journey.) However, any limitations aren’t so much a hindrance as a means of focusing you on various tasks, enabling you to zip between objects and get to the meat of this enjoyable adventure.

To add much more would spoil things. Suffice to say that although The Room Two isn’t quite as groundbreaking as its predecessor, and drops some of its mystery for a more overtly horror-oriented narrative, this is another compelling, tactile and invigorating slice of iOS gaming.

Price: $2.99/£1.99

Version: 1.0.3

Size: 287 MB

Platform: iOS Universal

Developer: Fireproof Studios

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