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Before the Storm: impressive choice-based narrative game

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Story-driven games are becoming increasingly popular with users who want to feel immersed in a believable narrative. Many of the best “interaction fiction” titles for iOS are text-based, giving users tough moral and social choices to make as they help shape the direction of the plot. The Life is Strange series takes this concept and adds in realistic 3D graphics, to the point where at times it can feel like you’re the star of your own TV show.

Fans of the series and story-loving newbies alike will be pleased to know that a new entry has just launched for iPhone and iPad. It’s called Life is Strange: Before the Storm (or Before Storm on the App Store due to a tight character limit) and is a prequel to the events of the first Life is Strange game. A game that, incidentally, we awarded a full five stars when we reviewed it last year.

Before the Storm may be set before the first game, but you don’t need any prior knowledge to enjoy it. It’s a high school drama packed with mystery, and includes cool features like the ability to “backtalk” other characters with barbed comments (or hold your tongue) to affect the narrative. Everything you do has consequences here.

The game is delivered in three main chapters, which are sold as IAP at $4/£4 apiece. However, it’s a free download so you can dive into the early stages for free to see how you feel about the game before committing to a purchase. We’d highly recommend you check it out.

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