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Supertype: new word-based physics puzzler

What do you prefer – word games or physics puzzlers? Why choose when you can have both? Supertype is a unique proposition: a clever puzzle game you solve by typing.

The game flashes up the device keyboard and asks you to type a word. It can be anything you like – gibberish, even – but once you hit enter the letters will be taken by the pull of gravity and drop downwards.

Each level sets up a few simple platforms and places a handful of black dots at various points. Your job is to come up with a word that will “collect” all of the dots when dropped on the stage.

It really forces you to think about the physical properties of each letterform, and consider how various parts of the alphabet will interact with the environment. Type an “o” if you want something to roll down a ramp, for example, or a lower-case “l” to slide through a tight gap.

Supertype comes from the mind behind minimal App Store puzzlers like Okay? and Zip-Zap, and from what we’ve played so far it’s a delight. The game is currently just $1/£1 to celebrate its launch, but will increase in price soon.

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