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Thumbs up: the 25 best one-thumb games for the iPhone – 2019

It turns out you only need a single digit to play games, whether you’re into racers, puzzles, blasters, or blissed-out golfing weirdness

The iPhone’s potential as a games machine was initially dismissed. It lacked traditional controls, so how could it compete with Nintendo or Sony portable hardware? But developers circumvented perceived limitations, taking advantage of the touchscreen and accelerometer. The result was a slew of imaginative, unique, exciting multi-touch experiences.


An alternative approach, pioneered by Canabalt, was to strip everything back. That game is controlled with a single thumb, tapping the screen to make the protagonist jump across gaps between rooftops. With mobile gaming often being about short-burst entertainment, Canabalt proved intuitive – yet its speed ensured it was also exciting and kept dragging you back for more.

You still might think reducing controls to using a single digit may feel reductive. But games creators have shown they can revel in such limitations. In this round-up, we’ve scoured the best in one-thumb games for iPhone. Our list offers something for everything, whether you’re the most casual of gamers, or someone who usually has their hands clamped around a gamepad but fancies trying something a bit different.


$2/£1.49 • 59.4 MB • v1.0.12 • Laser Dog

This one’s properly exciting. You belt along in a tiny spacecraft, weaving your way between airborne chunks of rock, and avoiding ragged, deadly cave walls. Lose concentration for only a moment and your craft will become so much spacedust in this breakneck, beautiful, brutal, compelling game.

Download ALONE…

Alto’s Odyssey

$5/£5 • 144.6 MB • v1.0.5 • By Snowman

Like predecessor Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey is a game about grace and freedom. Alto sandboards across gorgeous desert landscapes, his journeys taking him through villages, jungles and abandoned ruins. Along the way, you grind rails, bounce on balloons, outwit angry wildlife, and perform spectacular mid-air somersaults, all under the direction of a single thumb.

Download Alto’s Oddyssey


$1/£0.79 • 224.5 MB • v3.4.3 • Frogmind

Coming across like a psychotic Flappy Bird, Badland finds little winged beasts trying to survive shortish trips through terrifying forests. You tap to fly and must navigate the hostile terrain, making use of multipliers to clone yourself, and other devices to expand or contract in size. Visually stunning, Badland now also includes a level editor for endless creative fun.

Download Badland

Beat Street

Free • 213.3 MB • v1.3.0 • By Lucky Kat Studios

Evil gangs are terrorizing your patch, and it’s down to you to free the city in this love letter to classic scrolling brawlers. Using just one thumb, you move, punch, kick, hurl dazed foes about, and sometimes unsportingly whack them with a baseball bat. But, hey, they’re the bad guys.

Download Beat Street

Beneath the Lighthouse

Free • 132.4 MB • v1.2 • By Nitrome

Bucking platform-gaming conventions, this nautically themed effort doesn’t have you running and jumping. Instead, you spin a wheel with your thumb to have the rotund protagonist roll about. But watch out: this lighthouse has plenty of secrets – but also walls and floors jam-packed with spikes!

Download Beneath the Lighthouse

Crossy Road

Free • 137.2 MB • v3.5.2 • By IPSTER WHALE

This endless take on Frogger has guide a blocky character across rivers, through traffic, and safely over train tracks. The gameplay is infused with plenty of character — and, indeed, characters. Collect coins to try your luck with a one-armed bandit that dispenses new protagonists, many of which shake up Crossy Road’s visuals and gameplay. If you like it, also try Disney Crossy Road.

Download Crossy Road

Desert Golfing

$2/£2 • 2.2 MB • v1.22 • Blinkbat Games

Desert Golfing

An artillery game stripped back to an almost absurd degree, Desert Golfing finds you in a minimalist landscape boasting a ball and a hole. Drag to aim, let go to swing and (with a little luck) pot and then move on to the next challenge. It seems endless and there’s no restarting, but it’s ridiculously moreish.

Download Desert Golfing

Donut County

$5/£5 • 352.1 MB • v1.1.0 • By Annapurna Games, LLC

Most videogames want you to avoid plummeting down holes. In Donut County, you are the hole. As you roam, you’re first only big enough to gobble tiny objects, but soon you’re swallowing mountains. And if you think that’s weird, that’s not a batch on the underlying storyline.

Download Donut County

Doug Dug

Free • 17.1 MB • v1.6.8 • The Electric Toy Company

Doug Dug

Dwarf Doug likes to dig. He also adores bling. You drag on the screen to guide him about, unearthing gems and avoiding getting flattened by cave-ins. As you dig deeper, monsters enter the fray, which must be spiked or avoided; there’s the odd power-up to discover, too, including an excellent golden spade for super-fast digging, which we reckon would be really handy in the garden.

Download Doug Dug

Edge Extended

$3/£2.29 • 35.4 MB • v2.21 • Mobigame

Edge Extended, like its predecessor, Edge, is a speedrun dexterity challenge set across dozens of minimal isometric worlds suspended in space. Guide your cube by drag-hold gestures, grabbing glowing gems, and reaching the finish line in the shortest possible time. And if you can balance on an edge, you’ll amass ‘edge time’ bonuses!

Download Edge Extended


$3/£2.29 • 207 MB • v1.2 • Santa Ragione s.r.l.

Essentially Canabalt in 3D, with visual aesthetics from something like Tron, Fotonica has you leaping your way through surreal wireframe scenery. Shapes whirl, and recognizable elements occasionally appear, but mostly you’ll be concentrating on not falling into the abyss. Once you master the eight varied levels, there are three endless modes to pit your wits (and thumb) against.

Download Fotonica

Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle

Free • 178.3 MB • v13.3.3 • By Blue Wizard Digital LP

You might have had your fill of sliding puzzlers, but this bloody take is something of an eye-opener (and, sometimes, gouger) and horror icon Jason Voorhees stalks and slays campers. Part Soko-Ban, part South-Park-style cartoon gore, is good exercise for thumb and brain alike. Try Slayaway Camp if you’d prefer a premium take.

Download Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

King Rabbit

Free • 118.9 MB • v2.7.7 • By RareSloth LLC

It’s tough being a bunny king when all of your bunny subjects are stolen and caged. Our hopping hero must therefore work his way through each tiny trap-infested level, figuring out the path to make a regal rescue. Feeling creative? You can even make and share your own levels.

Download King Rabbit

Leap Day

Free • 315.1 MB • v1.94.5 • By Nitrome

Instead of scrolling horizontally, this platformer has you climb a tower. The golden hero sprints left and right, leaping when you tap the screen. Fortunately, the blobby chap can wall jump like a ninja, and grab fruit that can unlock restart points. Every day gives you a new level, too.

Download Leap Day

Look, Your Loot

Free • 17.4 MB • v1.15 • By Igor Suntsev

The distillation of dungeon crawling, this strategy game has a brave rodent move around a living grid of cards. It’s all about energy levels as you use chess-like thinking to plan several moves ahead, grabbing spells, duffing up enemies, and figuring out how to take down the big bad.

Download Look, Your Loot

Mikey Jumps

Free • 42.8 MB • v3.1 • By BeaverTap Games, LLC

In this fast-paced single-screen platform game, Mikey does indeed jump – but he also swings from ropes, and flies by way of jet-powered boots, as he aims to reach the exit. The one-touch controls might be simple, but surviving dozens of tiny levels in succession is a stiff challenge.

Download Mikey Jumps

Pico Rally

Free • 32.7 MB • v1.4 • By Raketspel AB

Asphalt 9: Legends gives you racing without steering, but a racer with a single thumb seems bonkers. Until you try Pico Rally, that is, which brings slot-racing bang up to date, having you drift around claustrophobic circuits packed full of twists and turns.

Download Pico Rally


Free • 114.8 MB • v1.202 • By HIPSTER WHALE

The nefarious Doc Block is filling the world with shapes that are menacingly threatening to land, and then presumably do something evil. Blow them all to bits by firing strings of bouncy cats into the air, which ping about and obliterate everything in their path. It’s furry good! Grab it meow! And so on.

Download Piffle

Reigns: Game of Thrones

$4/£4 • 218.3 MB • v1.11 • By Devolver Digital

This one mashes up one of TV’s most popular shows, Tinder-style swiping to manage your kingdom, and RPG-lite narrative branching. It’s ambitious, but extremely intuitive – even though it’s tough to balance the wishes of the people, army, bank, and church. Not hot on GOT? Try Reigns: Her Majesty instead.

Download Reigns: Game of Thrones

Silly Walks

Free • 257.8 MB • v1.2.1 • By Part Time Monkey Oy

Your fruity chums are about to be juiced, and only you can save them! Unfortunately, you’re also a bandy-legged pineapple cocktail that dodders one step onwards whenever the screen is tapped, in this comical arcade game featuring deranged kitchen appliances out for blood (well, juice).

Download Silly Walks

Super Mario Run

Free + $10/£10 • 237.5 MB • v3.0.11 • By Nintendo Co., Ltd.

It’s-a-Mario! Only this isn’t your typical scrolling platformer. Instead, you direct Nintendo’s dungaree-clad mascot with a single digit. The concept horrified long-term Mario fans, but the level design here is first-rate, turning each into a combination of puzzle and choreography to crack should you want to grab all of the bling.

Download Super Mario Run


$6/£6 • 105.2 MB • v1.3.24 • Sirvo LLC

The best puzzler on iPhone finds you swiping tiles around a board, attempting to merge pairs to form ever-higher face values. The catch: every tile that can move will, and new tiles appear in empty slots where you swiped from. You must therefore engage your chess brain, thinking ahead, staving off the inevitable point when there are no more moves to make.

Download Threes!

Time Locker

Free • 57.2 MB • v1.7.3 • By sotaro otsuka

Most overhead shooters are about reactions as you attempt to blow up all of the things, and weave through bullet hell unscathed. But in Time Locker, everything stops when you do, allowing you to plan your next room. Don’t dawdle, though – a world-eating void is in hot pursuit.

Download Time Locker

Tiny Wings

$2/£2 • 29.2 MB • v2.3 • Andreas Illiger

Tiny Wings

A sweet-natured one-thumb effort about the joy of flying, Tiny Wings has you control a little bird that slides down hills when you hold the screen, then hurls herself into the air on reaching the next apex. Careful timing is required to fly fast enough to outpace the setting sun. Further delights are found in the Flight School race mode, featuring the bird’s chicks.

Download Tiny Wings

Will Hero

Free • 196.4 MB • v1.4.0 • By ZPLAY

In a world of oddly violent cubes, a hero must bounce into the fray, to rescue a princess (who then partners you on subsequent quests, gleefully hacking bad guys to bits). Every prod of the screen lunges you forward – and also unleashes weapons you’ve collected, from axes to terrifyingly explosive rockets.

Download Will Hero