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Work through hundreds of relaxing word puzzles in “Sidewords”

Sidewords – $2.99/£2.99

An interesting new word game just dropped on the App Store, which we think will be a good fit for anybody who likes whiling away the time with a crossword or sudoku.

It’s a unique idea, combining wordsmithing and logic elements. Players have to fill a grid by building words from the letters along the edges of the grid. Using letters from each column and row will block out spaces, but you’re not allowed to overlap with combinations you’ve used before – which makes for some clever word wrangling in the later levels.

Spelling “RAN” will fill in the remaining gap on the grid

The concept is hard to describe but super easy to pick up playing through the early stages, and players can then choose from an huge array of levels depending on the type of challenge they want. (Spoiler: the bigger grids require some serious smarts!) There’s even a bonus game in there using a mechanic similar to the excellent Threes!, using letters instead of numbers.

One thing we really appreciate is the multitude of possible solutions each puzzle has – you’re not trying to find a specific answer, and you’re not under any pressure to work at speed or get a certain number of points. The result is a more relaxing experience that requires some serious thought.

If you like word games, this is unlike much else on the App Store and we’d recommend you give it a whirl.

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