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The 16 GB iPhone model might finally be dust

The forthcoming iPhone 7 will be missing one familiar feature over its predecessors, but this will be one many users will be pretty elated about – the 16 GB base model might be no more.

The rumor arrives via 9to5Mac which cites an IHS Technology analyst who posted on Chinese social media. The reliability of the analyst is fairly good, having previously predicted a four-inch iPhone (the iPhone SE) would land in 2016.

As a fairly expensive product, the 16 GB model is designed to be the entry-level model and users that simply can’t afford another $100 for the next model find themselves restricted to the entry-level model. However, as apps get bigger, and more plentiful, photos get more pixels and all the other space-sucking features, the 16GB has long been unfit for purpose. The 32 GB base iPhone has been on the cards for years now, and it’ll be great if it finally arrives.

However, it is interesting to note that 32 GB isn’t a storage option currently offered on the latest range of iPhones. However, it’s believed that Apple will also introduce a 256 GB model with the iPhone 7 so it might simply be the storage options shifting up a level.

The latest rumors join a pool of small-scale upgrades due for the iPhone 7. Despite it traditionally being the year for a major iPhone redesign, it looks like we’ll only see slight changes to the casing dimensions, removal of antenna bands and potentially some camera changes. It’s not believed that Apple are saving a major redesign – probably to an all-glass chassis – in 2017.