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2017’s emoji set finalized – see which new icons made the cut

A new emoji set is on the horizon including better diversity, a set of fantasy characters, and broccoli. About time.

There are 69 new graphics in total, covering all kinds of things and including fictional creatures like mermaids and vampires for the first time. Notably, every emoji featuring a person now has full skin tone variation – except the genies, which weren’t deemed to have any skin to vary.


Fantasy creatures, represent!

Many of the new emojis also include a gender-neutral base emoji without typically masculine or feminine features. These androgynous people could be used by those who don’t identify as strictly male or female, or may just be used in situations where gender is irrelevant. It’s worth noting that these are merely suggested changes, and might not be implemented by major vendors such as iOS and Android – but it’s a sign that the creators of emoji are trying to be more inclusive with their designs.


A breastfeeding emoji will be added alongside people with beards and headscarfs

Finally, there are a series of new foods and animals represented in this new set including dinosaurs, giraffes, sandwiches, and coconuts amongst others. There will also be a few new clothing options and activity-based emojis showing climbers, yoga positions and people in saunas. Oh, and there’s finally a “shhh” smiley!


Yum… look at the steam on that pie

Though the emoji set has been finalized, you probably won’t be able to use the new icons for a little while. The set is slated for release in June and will make their way into iOS some time after that – most likely, September to coincide with iOS 11 and the new iPhones. If you can’t wait that long, you can see more about the 2017 list over at Emojipedia.