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Apple Event 2018: iPhone XS / Apple Watch S4 leaked

Big news today folks. Not only has Apple confirmed September 12 as the official date of its upcoming Special Event (we told you so), but thanks to a leak discovered by iOS developer Guilherme Rambo, we even have access to promo images of Apple’s big reveals.

These leaks confirm that Apple is taking an ‘S’ year to make minor improvements to the iPhone X, with regular and plus-sized upgrades on the way. Both will be called iPhone XS – (a name we considered, but doubted, in our naming conventions rant). Also confirmed by the imagery is that a new gold color will be available.

No mention of the cheaper iPhone model we’ve been expecting for months, or Apple’s AirPower wireless charging dock. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t also be revealed come September 12 – just that nobody has found proof yet. So there are still some things we don’t know.

Also confirmed by this leak is the fact that Apple will be announcing a new Apple Watch, likely the Series 4. Compared with previous generations, it has a much larger screen and looks to cram a lot more information onto the main watch face. This could be the big upgrade we’ve been waiting for.

Though supply chain leaks and rumors are common in the build-up to a big Apple reveal, it’s very rare for something this concrete to confirm products ahead of time. It looks as though Apple was preparing product pages for its website and accidentally put some of these images live for a moment.

Our thanks to 9to5Mac for first publishing these leaked images.