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We reported last week that Apple is likely to release an update to the iPad Pro range in the next few months, with smaller bezels, more powerful specs, and the addition of Face ID.

However, a recent report citing sources from Japan details a few more changes which may be less appealing to customers.

First up, the report states that this year’s iPad Pros will follow the iPhone range and finally lose the headphone jack, which will be a disappointment to some users – especially if the Lightning port adapter included with recent iPhones isn’t present.

The report also states that, like the iPhone range, Face ID will only work in portrait mode. We had previously expected Apple to change this for the iPad range, as a great many users primarily use the device in a landscape orientation. It would be weird to have to rotate the device just for the purposes of logging in.

Finally, it’s said that the Smart Connector used to attach various accessories like Apple’s own Smart Keyboard may move its position to a different side of the device. Again, this could cause existing accessories to no longer be compatible with the iPad Pro, and possibly force users to type in an unconventional orientation.

This keyboard attaches with the Smart Connector – what will happen if the port moves?

We’ve been extremely impressed with every previous iteration of the iPad Pro range, and trust Apple to make the right choices here. But if these rumors turn out to be true, these downsides could put off a fair few potential buyers!