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2018 iPhone X: 512GB storage, Apple Pencil support

With Apple’s annual iPhone reveal now just a few weeks away, we already know a good deal about what to expect thanks to a bunch of leaks over the past few months.

Today, though, we learned something new which should appease both creative and professional iPhone users.

According to a report from TrendForce, this year’s premium devices – that is, the 2018 iPhone X and iPhone X Plus – will include support for the Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil was a hit on the iPad Pro, and more recently become compatible with the cheaper, regular iPad too. So it’ll be no surprise to see the peripheral make its way to iPhone – assuming this latest report is correct.

That’s great news for those who enjoy digital sketching or painting, and it’s also useful for those who like to scribble down notes during a meeting or annotate graphs and slideshows on the fly.

TrendForce also purports that those same two models can be maxed out to 512GB for users who choose the top storage tier. All models are expected to cost a little less than last year, which is a great move if true.

The larger of the two premium handsets is also reported to include dual-SIM capabilities – but only in certain regions in which multiple SIMs are commonplace.

Don’t forget that Apple is also planning a third iPhone this year to go alongside the two premium models. Though it will share the same design language as the others and incorporate Face ID, it’s expected to use older components and be considerably less expensive than the ‘X’ models. This “budget” model is expected to top out at 256GB storage, and won’t work with the Apple Pencil.

Are you excited for next month’s official reveal? There’s no confirmed date for the presentation just yet, but our money’s on September 12. You can be sure we’ll keep you up to date with all the news just as soon as anything important breaks.