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MacBook Pro: Apple unexpectedly announces improved models

Apple has quietly unveiled some significant upgrades to its MacBook Pro line, with more power and better performance across the board.

Usually, these hardware updates are saved for Apple special events, or included in the keynote at WWDC. This year, despite rumors that there would be no MacBook upgrades in 2018, a fresh set of laptops with improved internals is now available.

This year’s models will include the powerful new Intel processors, just announced in April of this year, and higher RAM as standard. The overall design is more or less the same as last year, but for the same money, you can now get even higher specs and a slick TrueTone display.

That’s not all – if you recently purchased a 2017 edition MacBook Pro, Apple may be willing to let you swap it for the new one at no extra cost. In a move aimed at customers who just bought last year’s model without realizing there was a new one on the way, Apple is giving customers 30 days to bring their device back in store to see if they’re eligible for a free upgrade.

Of course, any swap is at the discretion of the Apple Store staff and will be dependent on the condition of the machine – but it’s a nice effort nonetheless.

To see more about the 2018 MacBook Pros, visit the Apple Store website.