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2019 iPhone concepts: rumors and renders of the next iPhone

So 2019 may have only just begun, but already there are plenty of people trying to figure out what Apple’s next big iPhone reveal in September is going to look like.

The rumor mill is just starting to kick into action, with the first supposed “leak” of the year showing an iPhone with a new three-camera system. Meanwhile, a realistic mockup shows us a design concept with a camera slider and no notch. Read on for more details on both.

Would you like to see either of these come to fruition next year, or would you be happy for Apple to stick to the “X” formula and make internal improvements instead?

Three cameras are better than two

First up are a series of photorealistic renderings said to have been leaked from the supply chain. They depict an iPhone that rocks broadly the same design as the current models, with one distinct difference: a three-camera system on the back of the device.

Of course, the iPhone XS already has two cameras – a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens – but the idea here would be to include some kind of 3D camera alongside the conventional ones.

However, these renders look kind of ugly, and distinctly un-Apple, which sheds some doubt on their legitimacy. That said, we thought the same thing when we first saw the notch design and look how popular that has become!

It’s possible this is a real concept from Apple, but one that will be further refined before a final design is chosen. Other manufacturers are certainly extending their camera count, though Apple isn’t usually one to get drawn into a pointless specs race.

Could a sliding camera be even better?

We’re going to nail our colors to the mast here and say no. A sliding camera that pops out when you need it is not a good idea.

However, our preconceptions haven’t stopped one designer from producing a slick concept design for what he calls “iPhone X2,” that hides the front-facing TrueDepth camera system away within the body of the iPhone. This allows for the removal of the notch cut-out, creating a seamless all-screen design – ConceptsiPhone has produced a pretty flashy fake ad to show it off.

This concept explains that the hidden selfie camera would be on an automated, mechanized slider – ready to pop out at a moment’s notice when needed. We’re concerned that an extra step like that would lower the speed and seamlessness of Face ID. It’s also not like Apple to add moving parts that are prone to mechanical failure – that’s why the Home button went virtual even before it was removed completely.

It’s worth noting that several Android phone manufacturers have already released handsets with pop-up cameras. We’ll admit that the truly full-screen design does look pretty impressive without a notch in sight, but we’re not sure how well it would work in practice. What do you think?