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2019 MacBook rumors – 16-inch Pro and faster Air coming soon?

If you’re thinking of getting a new MacBook, it might be worth holding on a little longer – rumors suggest Apple will be refreshing its range of laptops later this year.

Of course, Apple just recently announced a new super-high-end Mac Pro system, and updated its existing 15-inch MacBook Pro line with minor upgrades earlier this year (including a fix for that dodgy keyboard). But we haven’t seen an update for the popular MacBook Air range since last year, and we haven’t heard anything at all from Apple about its long-rumored 16-inch MacBook.

Now we have renewed hope that such a device will be a reality before long, with a report stating that an entirely new range is coming this Fall. That means this new 16-inch machine won’t replace the 15-inch MacBook Pro; rather, it will form a new entry in the MacBook line-up and may incorporate a distinct feature set. More ports, perhaps?

The report notes that manufacture is expected to start this September, with a Fall release date on the cards. The main downside is that a 16-inch MacBook will – predictably – not come cheap. Rumors suggest a price point starting around $3000.

It also looks like we’ll be seeing a few other entries in the MacBook range receiving spec bumps around the same time. Most notably, the MacBook Air should get a beefier processor and more RAM options, making it a more viable machine for those who prefer a lighter, cheaper laptop.