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2020 iPhone prototype – 6.7-inch display and no notch?

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We know, the iPhone 11 and iPhone Pro only just hit the shelves. But that hasn’t stopped anyone dreaming of next year’s iPhone 12.

Apple is widely expected to drop a serious redesign next year, after sticking with more or less identical designs with its last three iterations of iPhone.

Everybody’s saying it: the 2020 iPhone will be big. And now, according to Apple aficionado and concept designer Ben Geskin, we can see what it might look like.

Geskin claims exclusive insider knowledge of a next-gen iPhone prototype that ditches the front-facing “notch” entirely, instead cramming all the Face ID and TrueDepth camera tech inside a thin bezel above the display.

He also expects at least one handset next year to boast a display that clocks in at 6.7-inches, which isn’t the first time we’ve heard that measurement mentioned in relation to the 2020 iPhone.

It’s worth noting this is exactly what Apple has already done with the iPad Pro range – though the bezels are much thicker there than the small ones surrounding the display on iPhone.

Of course, these type of leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt – and even if true, it only proves that Apple is considering this design as a prototype. We don’t know how well it works, or whether it will come to fruition.

But the thought of a full-screen display with no notched cut-out is an appealing one, and we have to assume this is what Apple wanted to do all along. Perhaps the technology has finally caught up with the dream?